About the NO JAB

Shock Absorbing Handle.

A (pantent pending) revolutionary shock absorbing handle wrapped in genuine sheepskin leather that gently recoils approximately 5 inches when striking a solid object, then automatically returns to its original position. This recoil absorbs 80% of the shock, eliminating the sharp jab or gouge to your wrist or abdomen and does not take away any sensitivity. No more sore wrist or abdomen.

Hybrid 50% Carbon Fiber 50% Fiberglass Shaft.   

After years of research I have found that these combined materials make a superior cane. It is strong, durable, lightweight, sensitive, and easier to use over long periods of time. The outer shell also repels water and abrasions and is paired with micro-machined aluminum ferrule joints. The center chord is an American made SGT. KNOTS Marine grade Dacron polyester bungee that is UV and all weather resistant. 

Quality Built.

This cane is quality built from top to bottom. It is built to last and ergonomically built to use with comfort over long periods of time. 

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